Precautions for Toner

Precaution to prevent trouble of toner

1. Storage

Temperature:-20 ~ +35 C° / -4°F ~ +95°F
Humidity:10 ~ 90% rh

Other conditions:

  1. Avoid direct sunshine
  2. Must be in closed form (drum, bag, bottle, cartridge etc.)
  3. Avoid too much load if stored in bag

If toner is stored under too high temperature condition (ex. closed areas such as in a car with direct sunshine), toner can melt and will never recover. If too high direct load occurs, toner can be gathered and causes coarse particles.


2. Operating in Printer/Copier

Temperature:15 ~ 30 °C / 59°F ~ 86°F
Humidity: 20 ~ 80% rh

In order to obtain good print quality, printer / copier and toner must not be operated under extreme circumstances.


3. Handling

  1. Avoid contamination of any other toner
  2. Avoid contamination of any foreign materials
  3. Avoid moisture contamination or condensation


  1. Although appearance is the same, each toner has different characteristics such as polarity, particle size or thermal properties. For example, if positively charged toner is contaminated by negatively charged toner, the prints have terrible background. All different toner contaminations cause print quality problems. Therefore, if the remanufacturer uses a filler and/or tools such as scoops, the previous toner must be completely removed from all the equipment for change-over.
  2. Foreign materials and/or moisture contamination causes print quality problems.

If toner is stored at rather large volume in a container, its flowability may be lowered. In order to avoid difficulties during filling operation, remanufacturer may shake or tumble the toner. Flowability should then recover.